Friday, June 3, 2011

La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 65

Teresa Eugenia faces as an accomplice to Eddie - Avance La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 65 Online will be broadcast May 2011. Have you watched the previous chapter?? if not yet, i suggest you to see it so as not to be confused to follow the chapter this time. I hope you enjoy all of this video and dont forget to come back again to follow the next episode because each episode has a story interesting and suspenseful.

Synopsis La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 65
Eugenia, being in a coma Teo (Miguel de Miguel), says he'll need more dead than alive because it's worth more, then it is an involuntary reflex and open your eyes, Eugenia is terrified that you listened, Eugenia will .

Paty come and Teresa (Kate del Castillo), they talk in the room with Matt and that the Mexican tells his friend that the head of state is Eddie Teo, Eugenia arrives at the time and hear it all, immediately called Eddie and tells him what he heard, Eddie is in the offices of Transer Naga is very surprised.

Nino is warned of what Eddie did, he feels lost and runs, Nino manages to take a car and the chase begins, Eddie comes to construction and low pressure vacuum is released Nino and dies.

Arriving Teresa Nino gives a shot to the body of Eddie to look like a suicide.

Teresa hears a cell phone in Eddie's car, discovers he is the cell number of Eugenia, who calls it non-stop desperate, seeing no response he decides to talk to Teresa, Eugenia confirm that there is an accomplice of Eddie.

Saturnino asked Teresa to consent to go to the home of Eugene and the front in the face saying what she thinks of what happened so far.

Later, Teresa Eugenia faces and says that she and prepared everything to kill Eddie Teo, defends it, saying it was a victim of Eddie.

Marcel, the confidant of Garou, attacks Paty (Cristina Urgel) and Veronica, Veronica tries to kidnap them but begins to fight with them take the weapon making Marcel to escape.

Patrick is amazed and tells the feat in Rabbit and all Transer Naga, with that act Veronica said its entry into the business.

Suspicion of Veronica's skills?


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