Friday, July 8, 2011

Los Herederos Del Monte Capitulo 122

Hello friend, how are you today? hopefully in a state of healthy and happy always. if you're waiting for your favorite event Los Herederos Del Monte Capitulo 122? okay, I will provide information about Los Herederos Del Monte Capitulo 122.

Los Herederos Del Monte Capitulo 122
Bet with a word of honor iron

John is the eldest of the brothers wanted del Monte, who was adopted by Emilio del Monte with the others when he was a child.

It is handsome, charming, attracts at a glance and is a man of his word, who represents the gift of command between the brothers on the Mount, after Emilio dies.
Julieta Millán is his girlfriend, a woman with whom he maintained a relationship for many years, but the arrival of Paula, his supposed sister, will radically change the course of his life. He and his brothers know they are not biological children of Emilio and the day of commitment to his future wife, comes this interloper as the legitimate daughter to disrupt his plans, and claim an inheritance that rightfully belongs.

The attraction for Paula will be explosive and the world has ever built will crumble before your eyes, because you must decide between his family's honor and his brothers, or the unbridled passion he feels for the woman who keeps you awake, Paula Mt.