Friday, April 29, 2011

la reina del sur capitulo 43

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Synopsis la reina del sur capitulo 43
Fatima and Teresa talk about Guero (Rafael Amaya) and Santiago, Teresa compares seeing the good of everyone, Santiago hears everything in secret.

Santiago moved by all that Teresa told apologizes and they hug, she says she loves him. At night go to a restaurant and there he asks marriage, Teresa is without words.

Jaime decides to talk to him, and his men arrive Yasikov shoot to kill Jaime and Paty (Cristina Urgel), being laid in the parking lot.

Lobato is behind the story of Colombian coca, Saturnino a bit surprised by his bold journalism, Flores finds it strange the process that leads to the Russian drug mafia, Saturnino entangled with arguments it convenient for him.

Will come out well?


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