Sunday, April 24, 2011

la reina del sur capitulo 41

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Lalo is jailed for drug trafficking

Veiga (Pablo Castillo) is in the hands of the Moroccan guard, is tortured until he confesses who is sent to the drug charge, and comes out the name of Colonel Abdelkader (Eduardo Velasco), immediately Benavides captain of the Coast Guard calls and informs him that his name is rolling in drug trafficking.

Abdelkader somewhat frightened call Teresa (Kate del Castillo) and asks him to stay away permanently.

Meanwhile the men of Captain Benavides cut her tongue out at Lalo and leave jail for drug trafficking.

Teresa concerned has terrible nightmares, dreams that James (Ivan Sanchez) has died, read pleading not anything to happen to her man.

Speaking after the girls from the bar, Soraya (Lorena Santos) concludes that it has been Dris (Nacho Fresneda) that gave them away to the Coast Guard, Teresa immediately confronts him, who of course denied everything said by Soraya .

After a bitter quarrel with James, he accepts as always, she is leaving with Dris and waives all day, says goodbye to the friends and go to Santiago to Algeciras to a new life, determined to become a drug dealer .

Arriving at Algeciras dinner at a fancy restaurant, he meets a woman named Patty (Cristina Urgel) who touches her buttocks and piropea, Teresa's angry faces.

What will happen?

So thats is a onformation about the story in La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 41, I hope you will be understand about a story in La Reina Del Sur Telenovela. Dont forget to watch this telenovela and also dont forget to visit agin this blog. Thanks and happy watching.


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